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Marine Research Facilities

The European Centre for Marine Biotechnology provides access to:

  • Two research vessels equipped with state-of-the-art navigation and marine devices
  • A range of aquaria supplied with marine-salinity seawater pumped from a cove on the north-west side of the Dunstaffnage peninsular
  • NERC Centre for Scientific Diving and small boats facility: provides support for projects in British waters and abroad, underpinning new research; e.g. artificial reef programme, techniques for stock assessment and biotope mapping.
  • New hyperbaric facility, which is a premier facility for the diving and trauma treatment on the west coast of Scotland
  • Field instrumentation including Benthic landers, CTD water samples, deep-sea corers, underwater video and still photography, drifting buoys and oceanographic moorings capability.
  • Radiochemical facilities with a significant, specialist infrastructure; offering expertise in radiochemical analysis, measurement and monitoring. This is typically applied in areas such as inventory determination, flux and residence rates along with wider applicability in marine monitoring and tracer studies.
  • A wide range of high specification analytical equipment including: an inductivity coupled plasma spectrometer (mass and emission machine); a wide range of gas and liquid chromatographs: scanning and transmission electron microscope; alpha and gamma particle spectrometers; flow cytometers and state of the art clean rooms and laboratories.
  • Marine technology expertise specialising in development of novel telecommunications and satellite navigation systems for observations in polar and deep-sea regions.
  • Network communication technology, facilities provide for a highly innovative approach to research and networking activity. Via SAMS, the European Centre for Marine Biotechnology joins part of a £22 million advanced high-speed electronic network link through the WAN providing integrated telephone, e-mail and videoconferencing facilities.
  • An extensive scientific library